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The Mamas Expo will be back again on April 23rd, 2017.  Apply today and secure your spot at one of NYC’s largest parenting expos.

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The Mamas Expo welcomes thousands of families each year from the Tri-State Area and invites them to explore the best resources available .

Expo Statistics

The Mamas Expo is the only event in New York City that caters to a wide range of family demographics. From ethnic backgrounds to geographic locations, this event services all families in New York City and the surrounding areas of Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester making it the most diverse audience for your brand.


Average Number of Exhibitors


Families in Queens NY where the Mamas Expo is held.

  • Average Expo Attendees – 3,100 100%
  • Pregnant Mothers 40%
  • New Parents 20%
  • Dads 30%

Is the Mamas Expo Right For You?

Visit our exhibitor FAQ page to find the answers to some common questions.

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The Location - NYSCI

The Mamas know that the key to reaching any parent is through making a valuable connection with them while engaging their children. Unlike your average expo, children are not only welcome at the Mamas Expo, they are considered an integral part of its curation. The Mamas Expo hosts this event at the New York Hall of Science for this very reason; to welcome families as a whole and offer them a well rounded experience that they can enjoy together.

Where is the NYSCI

The New York Hall of Science is centrally located in Queens, NY to provide Mamas Expo visitors with easy access from all 5 boroughs, Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey.
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The Space

The New York Hall of Science is a large, three floor, family friendly facility with ample natural light and outdoor space. It features private classrooms,  a presentation theatre, performance spaces, beautiful rotundas, and large open spaces. NYSCI is a consistently changing space that rotates various exhibits and installations throughout the year. For this reason, the Mamas Expo changes its layout each year to work in conjunction with the natural flow of the museum.

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mamas expo exhibitor

The Mamas Expo is showcasing our participating businesses like never before and accepting 40 premier exhibitors per day.   This year The Mamas Expo is giving our exhibitors less competition and more time to make a lasting connection with attendees.   Contact us to receive an expo deck.

Sponsors & Presenters

Mamas Expo Sponsorship

Presenters and Sponsors of the Mamas Expo are the stars of this show.  They will be placed in the highest traffic areas.  They are assisted and encouraged to stand out and command attention.  As a Presenter or Sponsor of the Mamas Expo, you are aligning your brand with the coolest parenting event in NYC.  Packages vary and are customizable to fit your product and market goals.



Mamas Day Bags

Mamas Expo Gift Bag

Swag bags are the most coveted item at the Mamas Expo. The Mamas Day Bag includes a sponsored selection of everyday parenting items which make their way directly into the hands of parents who can try out your products first hand and share them with their family and friends. Please contact us to discuss this exclusive opportunity.

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